The Science of Communication

communication as an interdisciplinary term

Communication. A defining part of our everyday lives, something that we think, we know. While communication does play a crucial role in making ourselves understood with the rest of the world, we tend to brush over the fact that human communication, (or any form of communication, for that matter) consists of a large number of factors, therefore is incredibly complex. In this essay, I will detail the different forms of communication in various branches of science, in hopes that by the end, we will begin to recognize how truly important communication, the theme of YRONS 2024 really is.



Hammer. Screwdriver. Communication. Wrench.

Now tell me, which one is the odd one out? I believe most of you will be quite surprised to know that in a way, none of them are. When we hear the word ”tool” the first things that come to mind are garages, engines, spale and other kinds of manly stuff, although technically communication could also make the list. We use communication as a tool in a number of different scenarios, oftentimes without even noticing it. Human emotion and behaviour can effectively be altered by nonverbal communication in particular. For example, if your goal is to make someone uncomfortable just by looking at them, next time you talk to each other stare at the middle of their forehead while carrying on the conversation as normal. In a matter of minutes, they should start feeling pretty uneasy.

Whilst there are countless, a little bit more discrete tricks one could apply, if they wanted to use body language more deliberately in their day-to-day lives, unfortunately, I simply can not include them all in this essay. If you would like to learn more about body language, and are interested in how to make a conscious impression on someone through nonverbal communication from the moment you shake their hand, I would highly recommend checking out The Definitive Book of Body Language written by Allan and Barbara Pease. It is an excellent read, easily comprehensible and just fascinating.

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