What is YRoNS? 

YRoNS is an international conference for students, where the participants can share their research and even explain their train of thought that led them to the presented results. The letters stand for Young Researchers of Natural Sciences.  

In which year were you part of the conference and where was it?  

I accompanied our students in the first conference, which took place both in Budapest and Balatonfenyves. I was once also in France, Paris. My students took part in it several times. 

What are your best memories of the conference? 

I liked very much the atmosphere, and I found the whole event very useful and pleasant. It is a great chance for making relationships with other students all around the world, sharing a common subject of interest. You can learn about their culture, how they learn, and so on. 

What was the conference like, were there any differences from the ones in Hungary? 

The programs were fairly similar. However the afternoon activities were different as they reflected the country’s culture, and the city in which it was held. 

What was the topic of the research our school brought? 

The main topic is always flexible and offers a wild range of possibilities. Our students presented their research about different types of hair colouring (bleaching, dying, highlighting etc.) and how harmful they are. At another time there was a lecture about water pollution, and another about antibacterial effects of essential oils. 


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