Just like in previous years, high school students from several countries will participate in the conference to be held this spring and will visit us in Budapest. So far, we have already fixed the number of French students and their accompanying teachers. Registration forms are constantly coming in from other countries as well.

Since a large number of Indian students will also arrive, our teacher is trying to invite the Indian ambassador to the opening conference. To this end, he contacted the Embassy by email.

The list of host families is also being formed, as well as the list of our students who will be waiting for the arriving guests at the airport and escorting them to their accommodation. The wristbands used at the conference are also under order, and the compilation of the conference packages has also begun.

The compilation of the materials is also in progress, and the first plans for the entire program are already being finalized.

Furthermore, the most exciting, but at the same time most difficult for me to understand, is the development of the technical background that makes the operation of the website safe. The contents of the Instagram and the website are being uploaded. The Yrons application is already under testing, and the  start of the test operation has also become relevant.

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